Three Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Painter

If you are planning to paint your home, one of the challenges is getting a reputable painter and then having your home painted at an affordable cost. Most people think getting estimates from several painters and then settle with the cheapest rate is the best option but it may turn out to be costlier. In fact, you should get alarmed by very low quotes because it may be a way of luring you to hire the company only to get low quality services or get the quote raised.

To hire the right painters and decorators in London, you need to take your time and carry out an intensive research. You can search online through websites and social media accounts and ask for references from friends who have recently painted their homes to have a list of painting companies to choose from. When you’ve some choices, you need to narrow down your choices to about three companies whom you can get estimates from. To narrow down your choices, you can check the level of experience, online reviews and comments from other clients to determine the quality of services they offer. When you’ve about 3 painters, make sure you ask each one of them the following three questions to make your final decision:

  1. Are you insured and licensed?

Never hire painter who does not have an insurance cover and is not licensed. In fact, reputable London decorators have valid licenses to offer services and insurance covers. A license is only issued to a painter who have met all the requirements to become a professional painter and offer services. On the other hand, an insurance cover helps you avoid additional costs or getting sued in case of an accident or if the painter sustains injuries while working in your home. Painter who have insurance covers and licenses may cost more but since you are covered, it is the ideal option.

  1. Does your work conform to PDCA standards?

This will help you get quality services because Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA) is a trading association for all painters that ensures painters meet set standards. Mostly, this association has set standards to be met by each painter to be involved in a local chapter of PDCA. Those painters who does not meet these set standards are not included and being in the local chapter helps most painters get more clients, they will have to deliver quality services. To stay updated and offer good services, these painters get research on top trends, projects and even dedicate time for further studies to improve their services. If a painter conforms to PDCA standards, you are guaranteed to get good services.

  1. Do you protect all surfaces?

Confirming this will help you know that your valuables will be protected even if you will not be around when they are painting. Most people come back home from work only to find the painter is through with painting and he is gone. If they did not protect all surfaces when painting, you will see paint specks on your granite countertops or even on your floor. To avoid experiencing this, make sure that the painter use drop clothes, plastic or any other form of protection to protect the valuables in your home.

Getting the right painter will depend with the answers you get from the three questions. However, you will also to consider other factors such as their level of experience and their level of professionalism. A good painter will help you get the right painting products and materials by offering advice, suggestions and opinions when necessary to make sure you are making the right decisions.